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Stoves: Kerosene Cookstove

$2,250.00 was $2,345.00

These stoves are very versatile, high-quality and high-performing. They’ve been in use for over half a century. Designed to handle daily cooking for large Amish families, they’re built strong enough to support heavy stockpots and canners.

  • Solid brass burners with seamless ceramic chimneys produce an adjustable flame for a wide range of cooking temperatures.
  • Very simple to use: they light with a match, require no preheating and burn with a hot blue flame.
  • Cooktop height is a comfortable 32", and thick porcelain coatings wipe clean quickly and easily.
  • Steel 1-gallon tank lifts out for easy filling
  • Burns up to 24 hours with one burner set at medium
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