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Homesteading for Beginners Volume Four


Homesteading for Beginners Vol. 4
After over three years of Living, Learning, and Filming as a family, we are proud to present VOL. 4 of our Homesteading For Beginners DVD Series.

Some of the topics include:

•Episode One:
Raising sheep, sheering, building pens, and building pasture fencing

•Episode Two:
Gardening, Canning, Making Jam

•Episode Three:
Raising Pigs, Soap Making, and Laundry

•Episode Four:
Raising Cows, Easy Cheese press, Making Hard Cheese, , Rais- ing Rabbits, Raising/Butchering and Canning Turkey

•Episode Five:
Cutting Down Trees, Wood Burning Basics, Campouts, Building Shelves

•Episode Six:
Sewing Dresses, Basic Quilt Making, Recipes

Included:  Printable pdf book of recipes  (Just place disk into computer and open file folder to reveal pdf guidebook)

Homesteading for Beginners Vol. 4

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