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Handcrafted Cider Press


Make 25 to 30 gallons in 2 hours! 
It's fast and easy to use. Get the whole family in on the fun. Just toss whole apples into the hopper with the motor driven grinder, then press for "liquid gold".

Our cider presses are hand built with hardwoods, such as Eastern Ash and Birch. The cider pressing hardware is made of heavy gauge steel and welded for strength that will last a lifetime. The cider press is self-contained with a 1/4HP motor driven grinder and stainless steel cutters.

The 2 baskets are held together with durable strapping. Approximately 3 gallons of shredded fruit will fit into each basket. 
Our presses are equipped with a manual turn handle press. The cider press has wheels for ease of transport, and it weighs approximately 125 pounds. 
We will finish your press with either mineral oil or a hard finish.

The Trails End Cider Press is totally ready to go, providing raw, enzyme-vitamin packed, delicious cider year after year.

For current shipping/freight charges, please contact us for details.

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