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Brass Cylinder Pump/Figure T Pitcher Pump


This cylinder is made of heavy 3-inch seamless drawn brass tubing. Extra heavy castings and large waterways are used throughout. Can be used in cisterns or shallow wells, up to 20ft deep.
Sanitary, closed spout prevents water splash.

This pump is anti-freezing. Raise the handle to full height to drain cylinder. Tapped for 1 1/4" suction pipe.

Type: Single-acting pitcher pump
Construction: Heavy duty cast iron base, and handle. Cast iron plunger cage, nut & discharge valve weight. Solid brass plunger rod. Seamless brass cylinder. Zink plated bolt, nuts & washers. Leather plunger cup & flat flap valve.
Finish: Corrosion resistant primer paint.Suction Lift: 20 feet, Capacity: Approximately 1 gallon per 14 strokes Stroke: 3" Cylinder ID: 3". Valve: 3-1/2" outside diameter (O.D.). Cup: 3" O.D., 2" I.D.
Inlet: Tapped for 1-1/4" drop pipe.
Outlet: Closed sanitary spout.
Spout To Base: 9" Weight: 25 lbs. 


Heller Aller Pumps Are Proudly Made in the USA

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.  May be shipped directly from manufacterer.

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